What We Value

At The Grove Church:

Jesus should be the center of all that we do.

All people matter to God therefore they should matter to us.

Significant life-change happens best in the context of relationships.

Our ministry should be culturally relevant & grounded in Christ.

Excellence…giving our best…IN EVERYTHING…honors God and inspires people.

Our commitment to serve and lead

A believer’s relationship with God should impact every area of his/her life.

Openness to change and forward movement as we continue to discover what it means to embody the life of Jesus Christ today.

Creating irresistible environments that facilitate spiritual growth and development.

Allowing safe space for people seeking a relationship with God to worship and serve in all ways necessary for the continual transformation of a life committed to following Jesus.

An ongoing teachability for all people when it comes to God’s truths and revelation.

Life and the celebration of it.

We believe that all people are created in the image of God.

We desire unity over uniformity. That we function as a body with many parts.

Generosity. We want to be people who give of ourselves and live sacrificially.

We were designed for community. That our faith is personal but never meant to be private.

Creation. We believe we are called to participate in the redemption of all the Earth.