Table4Five - 2018 SMALL GROUPS

Blended Group Videos

Session 1 // Week 1 // Work of the People // Fuzz Kitto

Does your theology come from a system or from Jesus? Fuzz Kitto calls us to be good news people.

Session 1 // Week 2 // Why I Love Jesus // Dwight Petersen

Biblical scholar Dwight Peterson on what he knows to be true and why he loves Jesus. Dwight entered hospice (at home) on July 16, 2012, due to deterioration and infection of his hips and pelvis, secondary to the paraplegia he had lived with since 1979. Hospice is for people who are probably in the last six months of life, so no one expected Dwight to still be around when these films were made, in June of 2013. Dwight lived almost three more years. He died on March 6, 2016. 

Session 1 // Week 3 // Look at Jesus // N.T. Wright 

NT Wright on what he'd say to his children on his death bed.

Session 1 // Week 4 // God is Like Jesus // Brian Zahnd

Would it be good if God is like Jesus? The good news is that He is. Jesus doesn't save us from God, He reveals God to us as Savior.

Session 1 // Week 1 // Audacity of Vulnerablity // Malcolm Guite

Malcolm Guite on the Descent of Jesus. Ascent leads to "success" - Dscent leads to growth.

Session 2 // Week 2 // Jesus Freak // Sara Miles

Jesus has a a claim on us, we don't have a claim on him. Sara Miles on the scandal and folly of Christ.

Session 2 // Week 3 // The Courage of Jesus // Mike Frost

Jesus, laziness, fear, resurrection and sanctification.


Session 2 // Week 4 // Father Greg Boyle // The Jesus Strategy  

Father Greg Boyle on standing in the lonely place and the transformation that comes from being with folks in the margins.


Session 2 // Week 5 // Go Down Moses // John Perkins

John Perkins on love and emancipation


Session 3 // Week 1 // Creation Care & Church History w/Dan Spencer


Session 3 // Week 2 // Compost w/Norman Wirzba

Session 3 // Week 3 // Celebrate the Cracks with Stephaine Spellers


Session 3 // Week 4 // The Cosmic Christ with Richard Rohr


Session 3 // Week 5 // Birthless and Deathless with James Finley