Our Strategy



The foyer is our entry environment. It serves as the welcome area for our guests and new friends. It is designed to make our guests feel comfortable enough to return. Our Sunday morning worship services are "foyer" environments. We want our guests to come back, so we do everything with them in mind. This environment serves as the perfect place to introduce newcomers to the life of The Grove Church.



The living room is our next environment. Our living room environments are designed to help you begin to connect and develop meaningful friendships. Through fellowships and other events such as the Men's Breakfast and Growing U, you will begin to develop relationships with others in a smaller and more interactive environment. The living room is designed to bridge the gap between the foyer and our final environment which is the kitchen... our small groups.



The third environment is the kitchen. This is our small group environment and what we want is for everyone who calls this place home to move from the foyer to the kitchen. In the foyer, you're a guest.  In the living room, you're friends. In the kitchen, you're family and this is where lasting friendships are made. That's the kind of environment we strive for in our small groups. Small groups are where people meet regularly for Bible study and prayer and commit to accountability, friendship and support. They are a safe place to open your heart, share your life, and ask tough questions. There are small group opportunities for all ages, from children through adults.