Not long ago, Guatemalan civil war finally came to an end after 36 years. Unfortunately, a great number of people were left as refugees, many of them widowed and some left as orphans. So a coffee grower named Andrés steps in with jobs at his farm and raises money to build homes and schools in an effort to restore his friends and neighbors.

Our efforts in Guatemala are assisted by the Flores family (Ingrid, Guillermo and Juan-Carlos) in Guatemala City, and Andres Alonzo-Cruz who lives in the Ixil Triangle (Santa Avelina, El Quiche). Both of these families, although affected in different ways by the war, are committed to the restoration of the Mayan people. They give their time and resources to repairing the lives of those displaced by the civil war that ended in 1996.

We will be taking a group from The Grove every year to Guatemala to build and help support the mission to restore the image of God in Guatemala. 

Ways you can support:

$450 can build a house that will accommodate twelve people.

$750 will sponsor a team member to join us on the mission.

$1,200 will cover all the cost for a team member to particpate in the mission.  

$50 will cover the cost of a stove.

$750 will cover the cost of our feeding program for one month.

$150 can purchase a cow or other livestock for the village. 

$15 will cover the cost of a pair of shoes for one of the kids in the village.  

Please visit our giving page to make a contribution in any amount.

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