The Grove Church has responded to God's calling to drive a stake in the ground to redeem people and restore this world through the power of Jesus Christ.  We have continuously challenged one another to live out the values and ministry evidenced in the early church as described in Acts chapter 2.  When we surrender our lives to Christ, he immediately brings us into God's family.  When we choose to join together as a local church, we declare o;ur commitment to Christ as active participants in His mission through his community.

At the onset of the church, serving was never considered optional.  No one felt obligated to support a religious institution; rather, everyone was gifted, called, and compelled by God's Spirit to participate in Christ-centered community.  As a church, they were ALL IN to unselfishly serve Christ by compassionaltely serving others.  The Grove Church is passionately committed to serving both our local and global communities.  It is our mission to discover the needs around us and to take the steps to see them met.