Progressive Christmas Dinner

1 Night - 4 Locations SUNDAY DECEMBER 8th starting at 5pm
Appetizers, Soup/Salad, Main Course, and Dessert.
$15/ticket (proceeds go to GroveKIDS & GroveStudents)

At this type of get-together, participants enjoy each course at a different home, so the party moves from one place to another during the course of the evening.

Here's how it works: We split into groups of 8-12 people. The evening begins with the groups meeting at their first location for appetizers, then moving to the next location for subsequent courses. All the groups will meet at the same location for dessert. Your group will change throughout the evening, with some familiar faces at each stop.

*We will provide childcare at the church for kids 0yrs-12yrs starting at 5pm. $5/first kid, $2 each additional kid up to $10 (4+kids/$10)