Church Outdoors

Why Outdoors:
- We have a beautiful space and view, so why not enjoy it together.
- There are still so many unknowns with group gatherings indoors.
- Less restrictions with masks and physical distancing when outdoors.
- Kids can be involved with the main service and still have their own storytime.
- People who are comfortable being indoors have a service to attend.
- People who are not comfortable being indoors have a service to attend.
- We are providing an opportunity for you to invite people who have said, "I will never set foot inside a church."
- People visiting our town may prefer an outdoor gathering than visiting a new church indoors

What to expect:
- We will get started roughly at 10:30am and service will be about an hour in length.
- We will have live music and a story. From time to time we may have guest musicians and speakers join us. Some Sundays may present themselves as opportunities for community fun and be more event style (picnics, family-fun day, concerts, etc).
- At some point we will invite Kindergarten - 5th Graders to join GKIDS Leaders for a snack, storytime, and craft/activity at the GKIDS Tent. Middle School and High School students are encouraged to remain with their families for the message.
- Bring your own drink/snacks, but we will have coffee and ice water available at the Welcome Tent.
- Bring your own lawn chair or blanket (we have some folding chairs available).
- It's summer and we're outside, so dress like it. If you want to wear a t-shirt and some shorts, that's ok! We want you and the people you invite to be comfortable.
- We will have some sunblock and bug spray available at the Welcome Tent or BYO
- If you want to bring a shade tent please choose one of the circles in the back row or along the sides so you don't block the people behind you.
- We will provide lyrics to the worship songs for you to participate in singing
- You don't need to wear your masks when you are in your circles or physically distant to others.
- Our plan is to hold outdoor services until it's too cold.
*If that Sunday's forecast is all rain we will offer ONLINE ONLY. We will make the decision by Saturday Afternoon.*

What we need:
- Help with setup Sunday mornings 9:30am (looking for 4 people each week)
- Help with Welcome Tent (greeting people & coffee) (2 people each week)
- Help with teardown (4 people each week - can be same as set up)
- Help with GKIDS (1-2 people to lead/assist with storytime and activities)
- Help on Saturday afternoon setup (1-2 people for about an hour)
- Commitment/recommitment to financially supporting what we are doing. We provide online and in-person opportunities to give. Please consider The Grove as a place you would invest in.

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